ostatní Emergency Food NRG-5 ZERO 500 g
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Emergency Food NRG-5 ZERO 500 g

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NRG-5 ZERO Emergency Food Ration 500g, 2325 kcal per pack. NRG-5 ZERO Emergency Food Ration, the gluten-free alternative to our classic product in use worldwide. Vacuum-packed, airtight, watertight, ready-to-eat, long shelf life (minimum 15 years).

NRG-5®ZERO emergency food rations, fortified with high quality ingredients. A pack of NRG-5®ZERO (500g / 2325 kcal) covers the daily energy requirements of an adult. Ready-to-eat, no heating or boiling required. Can be given to children as of 6 months old. By crushing the compressed bars and adding water, you can prepare a nutritious mash or an energy drink, depending on how much water you add. Gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan.

Ingredients: Baked rice, palm fat, sugar, rice protein, natural flavouring.

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