Warranty claims

These warranty and claim terms and conditions are governed by the law num. 89/2012., of the civil code and by the law num. 634/1992 Law on consumer protection as amended by the later regulations (referred to as the Law) and is applied to the consumer goods (referred to as Goods) during the time of the guarantee period.

A consumer is a person who is closing a deal, outside the scope of his business activities or outside the scope of independent performance, with a seller.

Seller: Military Range s.r.o., Tržní 330, 436 01 Litvínov, Identification number: 28719166, VAT: CZ28719166.
The customer of our online store is either the Consumer Buyer or the Buyer, who acts within the scope of his business or other entrepreneurial activity when concluding and fulfilling the contract. The customer of our online store is either the Consumer Buyer or the Buyer, who acts within the scope of his business activities.

Defects of goods
The seller responds to the consumer that the item has no defects upon receipt. In particular, the seller is responsible to the consumer that at the time the consumer took over


Defects of goods

The seller guarantees that the sold goods are without any defects. In particular, the seller guarantees to the consumer that at the point of the transaction the goods are:

  • the sold item has all the properties on which both parties have agreed upon or those properties which the manufacturer described in his manual or the buyer should expect with regard to the nature of the goods
  • the thing is suitable for the purpose stated by the seller
  • the quality and the design of the item corresponds to the showpiece sample
  • the item has the same properties as the showpiece and complies to all local regulations    


Rights from defected goods

If the item does not have the above-mentioned characteristics, the consumer may also request the delivery of a new item without defects, unless this is disproportionate due to the nature of the defect. If only a part of the item has a defect, the consumer may only request the replacement of the part; if this is not possible, he may withdraw from the contract.

However, if the nature of the defect is disproportionate due to its nature, in particular, if the defect can be repaired without the delay, the consumer has the right to a free of charge repair. 

The consumer has the right to a new item or replacement of a part even in the case of a remediable defect if he cannot use the item properly due to the recurrence of the defect after repair or due to a larger number of defects. In this case, the consumer also has the right to withdraw from the contract of purchase.

If the consumer does not withdraw from the contract of purchase or does not exercise the right to deliver a new item without defects, to replace its part, or to repair the item, he may request a reasonable discount. The consumer is entitled to a reasonable discount even if the seller cannot deliver a new item to him without defects, replace its part or repair the item, as well as if the seller does not resolve the situation within a reasonable time or would cause considerable difficulties to the consumer.

The right to repair/returning of the goods is not decided upon by the buyer, if the buyer knew in advance about the defect, or if the buyer caused the defect himself.



The consumer is entitled to exercise the right to a defect that occurs in the consumer goods within twenty-four months from purchase. If the defect becomes apparent within six months from purchase, the item is deemed to have been defective at the time of receipt.

The warranty period begins when the Goods are taken over by the Customer. The warranty period for the Consumer Buyer is 24 months, but for the Buyer who acts within the scope of his business or other entrepreneurial activity the warranty period is only 12 months. The warranty period is extended by the time for which the Goods were under warranty repair. In the event of an exchange of the Goods, a new warranty period begins.

The warranty does not apply to used goods that are marked as "used" in the item´s description.



Seller's liability for defects does not apply to:

  • mechanical damage to the product, or intentional or unintentional defects caused by unprofessional or inappropriate treatment by the buyer.
  • wear and tear caused by its normal use
  • discounted goods sold at a lower price due to a defect
  • repaired goods
  • using the product in ways for which it is not designed 
  • defects caused by an unavoidable event

At the request of the consumer, the Seller is obliged to provide the consumer with written confirmation of the obligations arising from defective performance to the extent stipulated by law (warranty card). If the nature of the thing allows it, it is sufficient to issue a proof of purchase containing the invoice instead of the warranty card, which must contain the data as a warranty card. The warranty card must contain the name and surname, name or business name of the Seller, ID number, registered office if it is a legal entity, or residence if it is a natural person. If a longer than normal warranty is provided, the Seller shall specify the conditions and extent of the warranty extension in the warranty certificate.

The consumer is entitled to withdraw from the contract of purchase in all cases stipulated by law. Withdrawal is effective against the Seller from the moment when the Buyer's statement of withdrawal from the contract is delivered to the Seller if all necessary legal conditions are met. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, the contract is cancelled from and both parties are obliged to return everything they have provided under such a contract. In the event of cancellation of the contract due to the exercise of rights arising from liability for defects, the Buyer returns the goods provided by the Seller, only to the extent that is objectively possible in a given situation.


Complaint handling

Complaints, including the elimination of defects, must be settled without delay, no later than 30 days from the date of the complaint issue. Unless the Seller and the Buyer agree on a longer period. After the expiration of this period, the Buyer is granted the same rights as if it were a material breach of contract.

The period for settling complaints is suspended if the seller has not received all the documents necessary for settling the complaint (parts of goods, other documents, etc.). The seller is obliged to request additional documents from the buyer in the shortest possible time. The deadline is suspended from this date until the delivery of the requested documents by the buyer.

In situations where it is necessary to send the goods to the Seller or service centre, the Buyer in his own interest keeps the goods packed in suitable and sufficiently protective packaging material, meeting the requirements of transport of fragile goods, including all accessories, and marks the shipment with appropriate symbols.

In order to achieve your full satisfaction, we offer goods in which we are fully convinced of its quality. If there is still a reason for a complaint, please follow the steps below so that the complaint can be acknowledged and settled as soon as possible.

Damage caused by shipment:

The buyer is obliged to thoroughly check the condition of the package upon receipt and refuse to accept an incomplete or damaged shipment. If the buyer finds a damaged or missing part, he is obliged to immediately inform the seller by email expedice@militaryrange.com (state: name, order number, description of the damage). The complaints department will ensure the quickest possible exchange.

Complaints during the warranty period

The buyer is obliged to submit a notification of defects (complaints) to the seller immediately after he has discovered the defects.

The seller is not liable for damages caused by improper use of the product, nor for damages caused by external events and incorrect handling. Such defects are not covered by the warranty.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of the item (or its parts) caused by normal use. The shorter service life of the product cannot be considered a defect and is therefore not a reason for a complaint.

The seller undertakes to repair or replace defective goods no later than 30 calendar days from receipt of the claimed goods.


Complaint procedure

The buyer will transport the goods personally or via carrier at his own expense, with a copy of the invoice or receipt and warranty card (if issued) to the address below:

Tržní 330
436 01 Litvínov

Complaints department opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-15h

Please pack the goods with care. The seller is not responsible for any damage during transportation. Do not send the goods cash on delivery. We do not accept such shipments.

Do not forget to enclose a copy of the invoice or receipt and the warranty card with the claimed goods!

The customer will be informed about the commencement of the complaint procedure at the e-mail address provided during registration.

When claiming shoes

  • it is necessary to send the complete shoes
  • shoes have to be dried out
  • properly cleaned 
  • all hygienic defects have to be removed

Dear customers, please do not confuse two different terms, namely the warranty period and the life of the product. Lifespan is determined by the manner and intensity of use and may not always be the same as the warranty period.

This complaint procedure takes effect on January 1, 2017.