KA-BAR Knife U.S.M.C. straight sharp black
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Knife U.S.M.C. straight sharp black

Manufacturer: KA-BAR
Item number: 02-1250
Price: 93.37 € without VAT

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  • short version legendary blade KA-BAR USMC
  • American legend - combat knife seafarers 2 World War
  • plain black blade (Epoxy-coated)
  • carbon steel 1095 (56-58HRC) with half-edge type spyder
  • leather handle - smoothed and polished
  • Blade Length: 13.3 cm
  • total length: 23.5 cm
  • weight: 172 g
  • Brown Leather Case USMC
  • manufacturer: KA-BAR
Steel 1095: is high carbon steel, which is usually knee in water with a maximum hardness up to 66 HRC and has good abrazivzdornost and fracture toughness. Small steel hardenability this refers to the production of thin metal blades. In terms of grain fracture is steel according to ASTM 9 level. The values ??of mechanical properties (ductility in torsion, Charpy tests on samples without notch depending on the quenching temperature, deformation values ??depending on the voltage at different quenching temperature) are available on the web. sites. Embrittlement, which occurs during tempering temperature of about 260 ° C (final hardness is about 60 HRC) is a general problem of carbon and alloy steels with low alloying addition. That the annealing temperature is consistently avoid cutler! Since the tempering does not expected toughness at lower temperatures and at higher results in too low strength turns to processors for steels with lower carbon having improved toughness at low temperatures, and tested bainite hardening. Most manufacturers (Tramontina, Ontario, TOPS, Mora) recommends the use of this material utmost care (due to the high hardness of the blade) in the final grinding operation (there is his chipping) and in thin preparations threatens lattice deformation. For these reasons, it is recommended for smaller steel blade.

Are you intrested in Knife U.S.M.C. straight sharp black from KA-BAR and you need more information? Call us.

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